Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My open jornal:)

Once again i'm here at the school.Bright and early in the morning, but the sad thing about it today is that i'm the only one here!By myself well beside the janitor but he doesnt count.TALK ABOUT SCARED!!wow i'm afraid!!!!!!hahahahhahaaha.My daddy drove me again but Momma ,KenLynn, and Gage rode in the car.I know what your thinking...Why didn't you just ride in the car with them?Well my mommas car has been haven some problems soooooo they had this guy Jamie Moore come along to take the car to the shop after they got to school.Well Jamie was driven the car that got my sister killed a long time ago.:'(and me and his wife Mrs.Amber don't get along that well anymore sooo I didn't think it was a good idea to ride with them.haha well till next time.

                                                                      love you foreva and alwayz..:)

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