Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Express

My Kinda Party- Jason Aldean(Lyrics & Music)

3oh!3 Katy Perry Star Struck Lyrics

3oh!3 Katy Perry Star Struck Lyrics

3oh!3 Katy Perry Star Struck Lyrics

3oh!3 Katy Perry Star Struck Lyrics

Word of Inspiration:P

Love is not only with the eyes as many use it.It is with the heart and sometime the eyes:Phaha!

My open jornal:)

Okay...I've bout had enough of Lindsey haha!

                               foreva and alwayz,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Word of Inspiration:P

Life is like a box of chocolates!!!!!:PLOL!!!!<3 it!!!

My open jornal:)

is at my sises house!!!!!school is over for me till next year!lol!!!!done with exams!thank tha lord!!!!cant wait till christmas!!!!!:))))))))ahhhhhhhh:D

                                                                         forever + alwayz!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Word of Inspiration:P

People SHOULD believe in God like they do the wind.You can't see the wind or God but you know they are there cause you can feel them both.:)))

My open jornal:)

Once again i'm here at the school.Bright and early in the morning, but the sad thing about it today is that i'm the only one here!By myself well beside the janitor but he doesnt count.TALK ABOUT SCARED!!wow i'm afraid!!!!!!hahahahhahaaha.My daddy drove me again but Momma ,KenLynn, and Gage rode in the car.I know what your thinking...Why didn't you just ride in the car with them?Well my mommas car has been haven some problems soooooo they had this guy Jamie Moore come along to take the car to the shop after they got to school.Well Jamie was driven the car that got my sister killed a long time ago.:'(and me and his wife Mrs.Amber don't get along that well anymore sooo I didn't think it was a good idea to ride with them.haha well till next time.

                                                                      love you foreva and alwayz..:)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Word of Inspiration:P

Just when you start to think that you have absolutly NOTHING to be thankfull for then feel your pulse!!!!!!LOL:P

My open jornal:)

Well i'm sitting here at the school bright and early in the morning.Don't ya just love it.There's nothing that I love more.I just got through eating a sausage egg buscuit.It was good.:)haha.My moms car broke down the other day so we had to ride to school with my daddy this morning.It was fun and different.Now Im sooooo confused on if I am supposed to go up the hill or stay down the hill cause exams are this week and I really don't wanna walk up that hill in the freezing cold.IT IS COLD!!!!!haha well I better go find out!;)till next time

                                                                                             love forever + always \

Friday, December 10, 2010

Word of insperation:P

Are you one of those people who wake up in the mornings and say good morning lord!or are you one of those people who wake up and say good lord it's morning!:))))

My open jornal:)

im at my bff/sistas house lindsey /another cheerbabe lol!i come over here alot so im useing there laptop right now hahahahaha but my throat is still sore like it has been since sunday but i think its startin to get better now thank u lord:)haha but yea im up for a fun weekend hopefully and then exams at school next week soo ughhhhhh i hope i do good but in order to do good im gonna have to study.....again another ughhh in edition to that hahaha well till next time....

                                                                                               forever + always,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this is me hannah my secret is exposed that i was once a diva wrestler:(

Columbus High School Cheerleading 08 STATE CHAMPS!

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah for Haiti (acapella cover) by Lisa Scinta

Train - Hey Soul Sister (cover and thank you) by Lisa Scinta

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say? (cover) by Lisa Scinta

DJ Khaled All I Do Is Win - Lyrics ! (ft Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ros...

My open jornal:)

im as sick as a dog today:(had to stay home from school which is a good thing but i feel terrible which is a bad thing:'(

                                                       love forever + always,

Friday, November 26, 2010


My open jornal:)

 Hey everyone!Today is the day after Thanksgiving.The day people are out shopping for bigger sized clothes HAHA!My mom wont let me go shopping...And it's black friday so how messed up is that!:'(Im depressed...We might put up our Christmas tree today....It is always sooo pretty every  year!I cant wait!!!
                                                                                            love always + forever,
                                                                                                 cheer babe;)
I am about feed up with my mother.First it was my dad and now my mom.They run my life..In a bad way :'(

Thursday, November 25, 2010

   If God came back today, right now...would he be proud of you.?

My open jornal:)

    Hey everyone!:)I'm so happy I got a blog!Now you all can hear my story!Well today is thanksgiving!HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!I hope it's great!Well this is my open jornal for everyone to see!Just wanted to kinda get my blog started so hear it is!
                                                                               love forever + alwayz,
                                                                                         Cheer babe!:)))