Friday, November 26, 2010


My open jornal:)

 Hey everyone!Today is the day after Thanksgiving.The day people are out shopping for bigger sized clothes HAHA!My mom wont let me go shopping...And it's black friday so how messed up is that!:'(Im depressed...We might put up our Christmas tree today....It is always sooo pretty every  year!I cant wait!!!
                                                                                            love always + forever,
                                                                                                 cheer babe;)
I am about feed up with my mother.First it was my dad and now my mom.They run my life..In a bad way :'(

Thursday, November 25, 2010

   If God came back today, right now...would he be proud of you.?

My open jornal:)

    Hey everyone!:)I'm so happy I got a blog!Now you all can hear my story!Well today is thanksgiving!HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!I hope it's great!Well this is my open jornal for everyone to see!Just wanted to kinda get my blog started so hear it is!
                                                                               love forever + alwayz,
                                                                                         Cheer babe!:)))